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Oakley SI Ball M Frame ALPHA Operator Kit - Black

Varenummer: 305268258

ALPHA is a three-part system composed of a frame, gasket and goggle. A single lens works across all platforms.The complete package, the ALPHA Operator Kit contains the entire Oakley ALPHA eco-system.


A design founded on modularity and scalability,  the kit includes all of the following componentry:

• SI Ballistic M Frame® ALPHA™ Matte Black Frame
• Meets or exceeds high mass and high velocity impact requirements per ANSI Z87.1/
• SI Ballistic Halo™ Goggle – Matte Black
• SI HELO – ALPHA™ a lightweight and soft rubberized gasket to block wind and dust
• Goggle Velcro Split Strap
• Clear, Grey, Prizm TR22, and Prizm TR45 lens.
• Anti-fog recharge kit
• Small Microfiber Bag
• Large Microfiber Bag
• M Frame Retention Lanyard
• SI Strong Box  - Black  is included with OO9296-0