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5.11 MP5 Bungee/Cover Double Black

Varenummer: 305268735

Dobbel MP5 magasinlomme for MOLLE-platform. Magasinet holdes på plass med klaff eller strikk. H: 18,4cm L: 3,8cm W: 3,1cm

Designed specifically for tactical and law enforcement agencies, the MP5 double Bungee Cover Pouch is engineered to provide reliable, consistent, and silent access to two standard 9mm magazines. Featuring a modular design and compatibility with MOLLE and 5.11 SlickStick webbing platforms, this high performance mag pouch offers a choice between elastic bungee cord and traditional cover flap retention for complete adaptability to any operational environment. Integrated elastic compression increases stability while minimizing noise, Duraflex hardware maximize resilience and reliability, and a weatherproof coating provides protection against moisture and soil.